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Department Description: 
The Finance Department provides financial management services to City departments, the City Council and Budget Committee. The department oversees the preparation and monitoring of the City’s annual budget, cash management and investments, and prepares the City’s Long Range Financial Forecast.

The Finance Department provides professional oversight and consultation to City programs and services regarding financial, accounting, and budgetary practices. Our focus is to ensure compliance to all relevant financial and budgetary regulations, including Georgia Budget Law and state statutes governing financial information.


  • Develop decision making that is informed, thoughtful, inclusive, accountable and equitable.
  • Ensure legal compliance for all financial transactions.
  • Develop and oversee the Long Range Financial Forecast for the General Fund.
  • Oversee the preparation and publication of the City’s Annual Budget.


John Wiggins

Phone: 678-833-3316

Email John Wiggins

Rashonda Favors
Lead Accountant

Phone: 678-833-3313

Email Rashonda Favors

Dawn Gindrup
Accounts Payable

Phone: 678-833-3309

Email Dawn Gindrup

Kim Moye
Payroll Specialist

Phone: 678-833-3319

Email Kim Moye

Lindell Miller
Purchasing Supervisor

Phone: 678-833-3322

Email Lindell Miller


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