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The City of Stockbridge Official Position Statement Opposing the City of Eagle’s Landing and the Impact to the City of Stockbridge
Posted on Wednesday March 22, 2017
The City of Stockbridge Official Position Statement Opposing the City of Eagle’s Landing and the Impact to the City of Stockbridge

The City of Stockbridge Official Position Statement

Opposing the City of Eagle’s Landing and the Impact to the

City of Stockbridge

There has been very little information compiled that justifies the viability of the proposed city; nor has any consideration been given to the devastating financial and social impact such a proposal would have upon the City of Stockbridge.  It is unprecedented to remove substantial portions of areas from one proven, effective City, to place into the geographic area of an as-yet unproven, unknown city with very little input from the people who would be affected.

In addition, one is left to question the true motive of the proponents of a new city, especially given the likelihood of such a city to impose a substantial property tax (which Stockbridge does NOT have), in addition to the existing county property tax.

Based on the lack of information provided to the City of Stockbridge regarding formation of a new Henry County City of Eagle’s Landing, and the proposed impact of the inclusion of significant portions of City of Stockbridge parcels, the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager of Stockbridge strongly oppose the proposal to establish the City of Eagle’s Landing.

The City of Stockbridge is in full support of seeking to better define its boundaries to eliminate confusion concerning city limits, and to that end has a proposal currently in front of the 2017 General Assembly.  We remain focused on strengthening the quality of services provided, as well as quality of life events and venues for our residents, along with offering a welcoming environment in which to do business.  

  • Severe adverse economic impact on Stockbridge

    o   Removing our primary commercial corridor, would severely reduce the amount of revenues we receive annually through business licenses and permits

    o   Although Stockbridge does not currently have a property tax, should residents vote for one in the future, the removal of these commercial properties, as well as, the removal of the higher valued homes, would further adversely impact the City’s ability to offer services at our current levels.  Would require an overly excessive millage rate on the remaining residential property owners

  • Adverse impact on existing Franchise Fees

    o   Franchise fees for Electric, Gas, Telephone and Cable TV, make up roughly 17% of our current revenues. 

    o   By reducing the franchise area, these revenues will also be reduced

  • Current Contractual Obligations

    o   We currently have contractual obligations with Capital One, which holds the note on City Hall, Waste industries for our sanitation, and GEFA for our Water and Sewer facility and several others.  All contracts would need to be looked and assessed.

  • Impact on Bonding Capacity

    o    A key component of establishing our bond rating, and our ability to secure loans for capital projects, is based on our revenue history from the above noted sources.  As these are reduced, so too will our bonding strength be reduced   

  • Negative Precedence for All Cities

    o   The proposal to create a new city by pulling from an existing city has never been done before, and would set an extremely adverse precedence for all cities.  The notion that an outside entity could arbitrarily grab the most valuable portions of an existing city, leaving it decimated financially, is ill-conceived.

  • Desire for High-End Retail

    o   This has been stated a reason for pursuing the new city, however, Stockbridge has been working diligently on this same endeavor for the past few years.  The recent annexation of the Jodeco property, and the City’s commitment of $3 million towards the infrastructure, clearly shows that these efforts on on-going.

  • Disenfranchisement
  • This effort has already proven to be extremely polarizing, and does far more to divide our community rather than bringing residents together to work collectively on our common goals.
  • We have attempted to meet with the group spearheading the new city movement, however, they have refused to meet with council members to discuss their concerns and issues.



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