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New Resident

Welcome to Stockbridge!  We are located in Henry County, Georgia, just 20 miles south of Atlanta.  As you can see by exploring this site, or by discovering the city first-hand, Stockbridge is one of the best places to live in South Metro Atlanta.  


Listed are some links that provide you with additional information about Stockbridge and/or Henry County, as well as some information to help you get settled here.


The information contained in many of the listings provided may not be complete or comprehensive since they represent only information known to the City at the present time.  If changes or additions are warranted, please call 678-833-3349 with the information.  This information is provided solely to assist potential residents and is not an endorsement by The City of Stockbridge. These 3rd-party links are subject to be changed or eliminated by The City.  

Henry County Chamber of Commerce

Henry County Convention & Visitors Bureau

You can check your new address to see if it falls within the city limits of Stockbridge or if it is considered as part of greater Henry County by clicking here.


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